How to setup Godot for LOWREZJAM

Hey everyone !

In this tutorial, I'll show you how I setup godot 3.4 for the LOWREZJAM (or any pixel art project really). Feel free to download the godot project template on github to directly have everything setup in one click !


  1. Create your project (Opengl ES 2 is recommended as renderer).
  2. Open project settings .
  3. Change your resolution (Display/Window/height and Display/Window/width) to 64x64.
  4. Change your test resolution (Display/Window/test height and Display/Window/test width) to 640x640.
  5. Change Display/Window/Stretch/Mode to viewport.
  6. Change Display/Window/Stretch/Aspect to keep.
  7. Toggle On Rendering/2d/Snapping/Use GPU pixel snap.
  8. Make sure Snap To Grid is enabled in the editor scene preview.
  9. Import an image into godot.
  10. With the image selected, open the import tab, click on preset and select 2d pixel.
  11. With the image selected, open the import tab, click on preset and select Set as Default for 'texture'.

Note : Keep in mind that you should toggle off the centered attribute to avoid problems in the case of sprites having odd dimensions.

Also try to always use integer values for the sprites positions.

And you're done !

Optional Feature Profile

You can create an editor features profile to hide everything related to 3D from the godot editor (included in the project template).

Some useful assets to get started

Feel free to use them. Lowrez godot logo: 

Lowrez godot splash screen: 

A small pixel font from the tic-80. The template project has a theme using it.

Final words

Wanna thank me ? Just say so in the comments, or buy one of my games. 💘

Anything to add on the setup ? Please let me know in comments.

Did you use the template or tutorial to create a game ? Share your game in the comments !

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Sorry I'm super late in saying this, but thanks so much! Great tips, I'm using the splash screen for my game, and that font rec was a big help!

Happy to help !

I just noticed when re-reading this -- the numbering for the steps looks to be broken at the moment.


Thanks for letting me know !
Just fixed it, the text editor was unhappy with images into lists.

This is a great tutorial for getting started on a pixel art project -- thanks!


Happy to help !


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Thank you, this is my first jam, good luck to everyone!


Your welcome ! Good luck with your project !

thanks. Im participating first time :) Discord: steelx#4050


Your welcome, good luck with your first lowrezjam game !


Your welcome !