Finally get to programming, core gameplay is there ! - Lueur Devlog #3

Hey everyone !

I finally starting programming the game after all this time playing around with design ideas.

I lost ton of times trying to figure out how to architecture the code. I got used to having almost nothing with TIC-80. Coming back to Godot with the all the node and signal systems got me thinking harder than needed.

In the end I choose one solution; But the more time passed the more my code was getting a bit crazy. For a game this small it's gonna be okay.

Here's my progress so far :

  1. Can build maps
  2. Resources are displayed and ban be used and gained
  3. Can destroy forests to get material in exchange for population points.
  4. Can build houses !

Tons of stuff to do, but I think the core gameplay is there.

Final words

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments. How did you architecture your code ?

Also don't forget to follow me to be notified each time I post a devlog !

See you !

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For this jam, although it’s not really a lot of time between work / school - It feels like a lot of time.  Given that, I’ve been coding in big chunks and then going back and straightening up.  

I often try and work without many objects, and in a more data-driven approach.  So that has a lot to do with my approach to coding. The early half of a project is really lacking with anything juicy.  I’ve also taken to using flyweight / factory where possible for this little jam. 

Anyway, as I say - really looking forward to this, looks wonderful. 


Yes a 2 week jam is deceptive !

Oh yeah I get it, I'm also really used to data-driven approach so going back to Godot was a stretch.

Thank you very much, I'm very happy you like to follow along ! How is your game going btw ?

Slowly, much too slowly.  Having constant progress, but just not quite as much as I would like.  I have nearly all the feature generators I want, but now the nerve-wracking bit is finding meaningful ways to utilize them.   We'll see how it all goes haha.