Day 2 - Dark Valiance on RPG Maker Jam#3

Hi !

Thanks for your feedback on the first devlog, it's very useful.

I made a lot of progress today. First, I did some mapping. I created the castle room, where the player can buy items and talk to his teammates between battles, and the keep, the place where the player will fight monsters. I only used visual assets integrated with RPG Maker MV. It was my first time at mapping, so it took quite a while (the easiest was to put the NPC...).

The castle ! (V1)

The keep
The Keep being corrupted by demons ! (V1)

After that, I upgraded my Darkness Resource plugin to allow a better control over the Dark Power. That allowed me to create new Skills, States and Equipments using Dark Power.  With that I created the Dark Aura, the aura on Liara that inflicts Dark Poison to her allies. Dark Poison inflicts damages per turn, based on the Dark Power of Liara (the darker, the stronger). And the most important, the Nun, she can decrease Liara Dark Powers !

First video
I also learn how to make cutscenes with RPG Maker, and created the first one !

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