Dark Valiance

Liara is a former royal knight, Who fell into darkness. Not strong enough to protect her people, she embraced dark arts and doomed herself. As she wanted, she's now able to kill her enemies.

But does it really mean she's protecting the kingdom ? Wherever she goes, people are suffering, corrupted by her Dark Powers. The more she uses darkness to fight, The deadlier she is for her allies.

The King Leoric assigned her to the protection of Logoria Castle.

She has just arrived...

Jam Commentary 

That's my first game using RPG Maker and it was a great pleasure ! (not for the deployment tough) I made for the RPG Maker Jam #3 during 3 days. The theme was "Contagious", and I choose to work on the power of darkness and its influence on yourself and others. All the assets are from the pack given with RPG Maker MV.


The Web browser version has problems with musics and you can't make it full screen. It's therefore advised to download the desktop version for your distribution if you can.

Pour les francophones

Il faut télécharger le jeu et changer la langue dans les options. La version navigateur est seulement en anglais (la version anglaise est mieux écrite).



YanFly Engine Plugins : http://yanfly.moe/yep/

SumRdm Translation Engine : http://sumrndm.site/

TitleScreen by KorinMalin : https://twitter.com/KorinMalin


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I could not save file for some reasons

but other than that, great game!

(2 edits) (+1)

(I already posted this comment on the jam entry but it is  not visible here so...)

I almost played 1 hour and I didn't see the time pass. I was captivated by the gameplay.  I really like the "boss fight" side that gives to monsters a real utility and interest. I made a run without using any DP (a kind of self challenge) so I'm pretty sure I missed the best part of this experience... but anyway, I enjoyed the game I played. The game is really well balanced. Whether you choose to use DP or not, the game always propose an interesting challenge that keep you right in the flow. That's honorable. I'll not spoil anything here, and I think you'll understand what I'm talking about, but a boss really surprised me... I was afflicted...
Great game, I  hope there will be a sequel. Keep  it up !

PS : I noticed the easter egg of the first boss ;)