Trying My Best Is Very Hard is an innovative platformer with very convenient CONTROLS.
You won't believe how much FUN you experienced !

Jam Commentary

This entry is for several game jams at once, the ExtraCredits Jam, the Game By It's Cover 2018 Jam, the GBJAM 6, and the Rock Paper Shotgun Jam.  I have done the game in less that 48 hours during the ExtraCreditsJam as it was at the same time as all the others.
I had to make a game about "Awesomeness Per Second" and "11" , with a Famicase Exhibition cover as inspiration, and with the constraints of a Game Boy game (resolution, 4 colors).   I hope you'll understand what I want to tell you with this game.
You liked the game ? You should try Tae.exe !

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorDarenn Keller
Made withPICO-8
TagsGBJam, meta, PICO-8, Pixel Art

Development log


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It's a super and original game

You know I almost forgot that part of the game  ? :p
Thank you !


It's a superb and original game


it was a unique experience to play such a game. Well done. I was expecting a better ending though - more surprise like.

Thanks for the feedback!

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super fun game

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super and original game

it is awsome and i have control

super fun game 


That's a really neat game for all the constraints you were working with! It leaves me wanting more. The game/the narrator seemed like a great character, and I think the concept could definitely support a longer game.  Nice work!

Thank you very much for you great feedback, I'll think about it!

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Very nice game, the story is very funny, though its a bit linear, I was expecting more responsive dialogues with this Stanley Parable vibe. Regardless, I totally dig it, well done!

P/S: Elaborate on the more responsive dialogues: when you say don't press any thing to skip the text, Im sure 99% of players tried to press something. It would be funny to get a reaction like: "Why do you think pressing space bar would help? Do I need to repeat again?" LOL

Thanks for the feedback, it's a very good idea! But I have to admit I tried to rush the game in the little time I had, so I've just focused on making the game completely scripted (but that's also the point here).

I understand. I wanted to create this kind of dialogue with real players in another game of mine and faced a lot of problems too. Your solution was pretty neat, just take control of everything, no worries about corner cases and all the focus is put on making a very good linear story. Well done!

That was a very awesome and innovative game! ;-)

I just wish it told me when it was over :-/

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks  for the fun.


That was so fun and unique.  I loved it!  It really made me want to keep playing to see what happened next.  Awesome work!

Thank you !

Interesting game; thanks.

Thanks !

I like this idea !

Also, I think I won.

I love this, super well done!

This super and original game, made me smile :D

Haha, nice, I quite enjoyed this.

Would have fit right into the Meta Game Jam from  a few months back


Happy you liked it.
Ahah, I actually won a prize with Think Outside The Game during the last Meta Game Jam.
You might like Tae.exe !

Really interesting, I like the concept, more of this!

Such a fun and interesting game ! GG !

this is a FUN and ORIGINAL game. i'm not crying, you're crying!