A tactical space shooter with intentional hidden bugs.


You are a brave space fighter of the alliance. Defend the space fortress from the empire until the reinforcement arrive!


D-pad to move and rotate your ship.

Space to fire.

Ctrl to fire with the fortress when its loaded.

You can do only three actions per turn (it consume energy).


This game was made for the Wowie Jam 2.0. The theme was "Intentional Bugs". Game made with Godot 3.0 (first with this engine).
You should not read the following if you want to discover the intentional bugs by yourself (greatly advised!).
First bug : You can walk on other enemies without dying, the enemy will then be considered as part of your ship, but his AI will still work, he will keep shooting. It makes the game more interesting as you can use it shoot on enemies, but also more challenging as you have to be careful not to shoot the fortress.
Second bug: Try pressing space and a direction key at the same time. It will move you forward, then shoot, for only one point of energy!
All other bugs aren't intentional...


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