LudumDojo is a sort of QTE action game that I made for LudumDare #37.

The theme was "One Room". When I started the challenge, I was coming back from my Kendo course, so I had the idea to do my game in a Dojo.

My goal here as a programmer, was to learn how to modelize, rig, and animate a 3D character, so that I can work better with 3D artists. It take me a long time to achieve this poor result, but it's functionnal and I learned a lot.

I didn't have time to implement all the gameplay elements. I wanted to add the space bar key to allow more complicated combos. Moreover I wanted to add a notion of tempo, so that combinations of keys have to be pressed in a right order, and in a right time. I wanted the player to have an avatar that blocks the attacks with a bokken, and that the characters move in the room at each attack.

Please, enjoy testing this game, and don't hesitate to let me a comment !

NB : The web version isn't stable, if you have trouble with it, download the version for your OS.

PS : I pickup on internet the background image, the font, and the audio


Download 43 MB
Download 31 MB
Download 32 MB