Allô? is a casual game where you work as a "Demoiselle de téléphone".

It was made for Ludum Dare 36.

It is very simple to play (See tutorial in game) as I wanted to do a mobile game (Here is the computer version, the mobile will be slightly different).

It is my first Ludum Dare alone. I used Unity Engine to program the game. For musics I used LinuxMultimediaStudio. For sounds effects I used Audacity and objects of my bedroom. For the first time, I have done graphics by myself using Inkscape, so it is not a very beautiful game ;).

Please, enjoy playing this game ! (feedback is very appreciated !)

Notes : On the web version of the game, fullscreen does not work on Chrome browser.

PS : I am searching a graphist and a game designer to make a game this year, contact me if you are interested.


Download 93 MB
Download 64 MB
Download 44 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract the content in a folder and launch the executable.